Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hunter`s new digs

I can dress up Hunter & do whatever with him,he is such a sweet old dog.His hair is growing back for us,I have been adding olive oil to all of their food.His skin is so dry,I don`t ever believe I saw such dry skin.He has scabs that I pick off & his hair comes out with it.The skin underneath seems healthy.I just don`t think they should have shaved him like they did,But,I bought him a little shirt.I only wore it on him once as I don`t want to interfere with his hair coming back in,but doesn`t he look cute?


Tammy said...

I love it that Hunter has found a second chance with you. He looks so interested and happy. You are doing a great job with him. I'd say, with time his skin problems will heal up, since things are so positive for him now. Your blue merle is very pretty, he really reminds me of Ariel (my collie) esp through the body pattern.
Take care, and I'm glad that God gave you a special little care package. :-)

FIONA said...

Hunter has his last, best home. Good for him and good for you.

Each of our rescued shelties have had their issues when we got them, and each became a special furry member of our family. I am amazed by the way they have touched our lives.

phylliso said...

Yes,I do feel blessed.Hunter is so loving & no trouble to care for.He sleeps smack up against me in bed at night,such a sweet guy.
I have been to visit both of you girls,I love your collie Tammy,some day I will have another one.phylliso