Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tractor work

This is some of the work the tractor will be doing.All this wood needs moved to the splitter,then to a place to stack.The leaves are so pretty.This building is falling down,but still holds our wood.


Debra said...

Hi Phyllis,
I loved looking at your posts, I'm sorta behind in my blogging rounds! Your new dog is cute. How is the spinning going these days?
I've never gone to an auction-but I really want to. Looks like you got some neat stuff.
Love, Debra

Aleta said...

I love your property. It has such character. I love old buildings with ivy on, like your woodshed.

phylliso said...

Thanks Debra & Aleta! Debra,you have prodded me along to take some time to spin,even if it is only for an hour.I took off my lumpy bumpy yarn & tied it to the skein winder.I have a reminent of monk`s cloth I may do a bit of swedish weaving with the yarn since it is so horrible.
Aleta,some guy delivering our Sun.paper said I should take a pic of that old building so I finally did.It is old too,phylliso