Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hunter the sheltie...then there were3..

Last night my hairdresser & her daughter brought their 8 year old sheltie out to live with us.Hunter has to spend alot of time alone,so she has been asking me to take him,& we finally agreed.We felt so bad thinking about him all alone while they were busy with their lives.We don`t do much of anything but stay home,so we have alot of time to give to him.He is happily fitting in.I was worried Bandit would be too hard on him as he is still a pup,just a little over a year old,but they made up right away with alot of sniffing & are now best buds.
He looks just like a red fox.His coat is not as nice as my dogs,but maybe he will fill out & his hair will grow with some TLC.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LuV the picture of the dogs!!!!! Beautiful!

phylliso said...

Hunter is so ugly he`s cute.Wait till you see him with his tongue hanging out.phylliso