Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The tractor

We went to an auction Mon.I have mixed feelings about going to auctions as if someone dies as in the case,I can feel the families pain.This man was only 54,died of a stroke.His son who`s only 24 is in the marines & had to come home from Florida to help take care of things.He has another tour to do,then he`ll be going to Iraq.Some girls in the family were there too,& 2 women who talked to me,plus alot of onlookers.Anyhow,we`ve been searching for a tractor.My husband refused to buy a new one,so we have waited awhile,as we have for the greenhouse.It just takes patience.So,we did get it,it is a Mitsubishi with a bucket & we also got a couple of attachments cheap.The "door"is used as an extender on the bucket.At first I didn`t think we`d get it,it kept going higher,but we won & I let out a loud Yippee! & everyone laughed at me.So,the load will be a little lighter around here,thank the dear Lord.
We also got a double outside basin ready to hook up for water,I plan to put it in the greenhouse & dye fleece in it.One guy said it would be good for parties,fill up with beer & ice.I don`t know if he was the one bidding against us or not.I was surprised it went for $20 when a brand new vanity for another bathroom the man was going to put downstairs in his basement for a second bathroom only went for $1.Yesterday we spent time looking for someone to deliver it,but ended up borrowing his Aunt Dot`s trailor.
Here are some other buys we made,the beautiful painting was $1,the doll cradles,were I think 25 cents.When I bought them the lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder & whispered, a 93 year old man made them for Amanda-the one girl, who was there.I thought to myself,doesn`t anyone save anything special anymore? Here were these things handcrafted,imperfect,but still,the thought someone made them special for my dolls,I wouldn`t have let them go.Maybe I`m strange,who knows?Anyhow,as I said,auctions are sad to me.


Aleta said...

You got some really neat stuff! Those doll cradles are beautiful! I can see one of your creations in each of them!

phylliso said...

I have to get my butt moving & get into making dolls again,there`s so much I want to do.I just want to finish some things I have started first!phylliso