Thursday, November 13, 2008

Before...& After

We had both grandchildren today,Dominick got off the school bus early so we managed to get him,already had Savannah,& went to the mall to keep our hair appt.
My dh will kill me if he sees these pics,but this is how Savannah looked when she was dropped off this am....then I prettied her up...& her pappy when all of this was going on...{he helped me babysit you know}.
I do not mean to demean my kids any any way,just wanted to show Savannah prettied up.Notice when she comes,she always picks out David Sibley`s bird book,hope we can teach her to respect & delight in wildlife.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I'm jealous.......I wish I had some little ones to play with and enjoy.

phylliso said...

She didn`t leave the clips in her hair very long,she wanted to style it her way.
I feel blessed to have these children.I didn`t think we would get any as our Richie is 34 now.But it is good they didn`t have any together earlier,gave them time to grow up.Dominick is an exceptional blessing to us,I call him my angel.phylliso