Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Savannah Rose

When Savannah was born on Dec.5,2006 she was born with a "clubbed" foot.I thought she looked as though both feet were turned inward,but it is only the left side.She had a surgery to correct it & wears a brace at night,she is supposed to anyhow.Well,something happenned to her good foot we think at the babysitter`s,so after the sitter was sick 3 days last week ,& before that something happenned to Dominick at the day care place they were in before the babysitter ,we all decided to watch the kids ourselves,our son will change his hours & we will accomindate them in the hours they can`t be with them.Savannah had to have a walking cast put on her little foot.She is better now,but I had always wanted to help with the kids so now it is happenning.

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