Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Funny Story

Just had to share a funny with you.It really wasn`t funny when my husband`s uncle fell.Uncle Charlie fell on his 80th birthday coming back from his bathroom at home.He thought he was sitting on his bed,well,he sat on the floor instead & broke his hip.
We went in to the hospital to see him last week & he has arthitis worse than me but was in happy spirits.Aunt Susie will be 80 soon too.She was in the hospital to see him too the day we were in.He told us that after they operated & fixed his hip,he was brought back to his room.He said he told the nurse when our Aunt Susie was seen coming down the hallway to alert him as he wanted to pull the sheet up over his head when she came into the room.We about died laughing at him.Aunt Susie doesn`t see well & can`t drive,she related her own stories about the way Uncle Charlie drives,he`ll say,did I pass such & such & she said she couldn`t get her head turned fast enough as fast as he drives.I hope I grow old as happy as they are.


Debra said...

It's great you are going to babysit. What a cute little girl. I love her name too.
I loved your funny story. That's interesting, because I've been visiting my neighbor, who broke her hip last month. She's a wild one, full of life. I want to be like that as I get older!
Love, Debra

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I hope I still have a sense of humor when I get that old. Too funny.