Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caylee Anthony

I have been watching the Nancy Grace show since June when a little child went missing in Florida.Tomorrow night there is a special on Dateline about it.I feel so sad as today the news says a utility worker found the remains of a small child within a half mile from where the Anthony`s live.The mother is in jail,still claiming her daughter was stolen from her by a babysitter.I don`t know how the grandparents with whom they both lived could ever handle it if it is her.They`ve clung to the belief that the child is still alive somewhere.When I see the videos of the little girl,I could just cry.


FIONA said...

Children are so vulnerable, and this case is so sad. I have to go hug my kids, now.

Debra said...

I didn't know about heart goes out to the family.