Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decor

I put up some more Christmas decor this am.I`m showing pics of 3 different trees decorated.One is decorated with dried marigolds,baby`s breath,sweet annie in beeswax cones.I didn`t make the beeswax cones,got them on ebay a couple of years ago.I did make the wax angels glued to rusty wings.I bought the mold from candlethings on ebay.I heat candles in my burner,but after awhile they lose the scent,so I pour the wax into a mold & use it up that way.
Isn`t the needlesculpted doll wonderful?! I didn`t make her,bought her from an amazing artist on ebay,ravenshaircabin.I did however make the reindeer from an old Butterick pattern,I made so many & gave them as gifts years ago.I also made gingerbread dolls as gifts,but didn`t keep any for us.I vowed to never make another crow with Santa that I have on top of a cabinet,it was so timeconsuming.The snowman on the cardinal was pretty easy though,I may make a couple as gifts this year if I get some time.
I was doing so well till I went to find more lights up in the attic.The lid on a container I keep Christmas items in was not on properly.As I lifted the lid a gray mouse darted out! I HATE mice with a passion.They are soooo dirty.So now I can`t go back up there till my dh puts out traps.He has sealed all cracks we could fine that they could be coming in at,all but the small air conditioner up there has a crack that HAS to be sealed or the conditioner can be taken out as we don`t need it up there anymore.
Here`s my vintage Christmas apron.
Jerry & Melissa,the macaws,yell "knock it off"the whole time I`m putting up lights.I take it as they do not care for anything to look different to them.


Aleta said...

I love your creations! Your house is so homey with all of the rustic/primitive/country decor! I have the reindeer and the gingerbread doll you made for me a few years ago. I posted a picture of them on my blog. I will treasure them always.

FIONA said...

I love seeing other peoples' decorations. Thanks for sharing.

Your home looks like a warm and inviting place. I'm sure people enjoy being there.

phylliso said...

Thanks girls!phylliso