Monday, January 19, 2009

Then the pipes froze

So,my continuing saga of why I didn`t blog last week,the temperatures dropped to 1 or minus degrees over the weekend & our pipes froze.We were without water for a whole day,going to buy water at the local walmart,they were almost out of water to sell too.
I finally called my brother late Sat.afternoon & begged him to come take a look.He was home relaxing after donating blood earlier in the day,so I was thankful to have reached him at home as he is one who is always out helping someone.I am very blessed to have him.
He quickly determined it was the well pump switch,which he went home & brought one out & quickly fixed it.Thank God for him & that he lives only minutes away from us.
I also thank God the goats water was clean & fresh when this happenned.
Some pictures of the birds feeding over the weekend.I couldn`t capture the woodpecker,every time I reached for the camera,the dogs would run & bark out the window & they would fly away.I put a heated dogs dish out in the winter for the birds water,there are so many birds you wouldn`t normally see that just are looking for fresh water.

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