Monday, January 19, 2009

A Week Gone By

I`ve been a bad blogger.So much has been happenning though.Starting at the beginning of last week,my DH & I are still not feeling well.He has had a sinus infection that has made him go on 2 different antiboctics to try to be rid of.I myself have continuing issues with my lungs,going for a pulmonary function test on Thurs.,which gave me so much back pain as I am dealing with that broken bone in my back,the breathing in & out aggravated it I guess.I go this Fri.for the results of that,but the doctor said my lungs still aren`t clear.Could it be my RA is now affecting my lungs? I don`t see the arthitis doc till Feb.
At any rate,the grandchildren we aggreed to watch{after all,it is only 2-3 hours a day}got on my DH last nerve last week so I watched them at their apartment since it is 2 minutes away.Should`ve been ok,right? Well,Savannah,the 2 year old decided to help me clean their bathroom.Their tub is old & I`ve been eyeing it everytime I visit,knowing I would have to try & tackle it with my cleaners.I went back out into their kitchen to look for a brillo pad I brought along,but couldn`t find it in my bag.Then,I heard the bathroom door shut.I knew right away what had happenned,& I wonder why,since I don`t even LIVE there,Savannah would choose to lock herself in on my watch.
She couldn`t unlock it,& the crying started.Dominick was able to point me to where their screwdriver was,& as I was talking to him,I found out he didn`t even know how to dial 911,or what his address is!He is 6! Aren`t they supposed to know that? So,I began taking off the doorknobs & when her side fell out on the floor,she wailed,I mean wailed,& tried to put it back in the hole,I could see her little hands shaking as she attempted it.It still wouldn`t open ,so & I jimmed the middle piece & it came free.Oh happy day.The people downstairs probably thought I was killing her.I had thought about climbing out onto the roof to get into the window,but quickly realized I may not have the strength to pry open the,aren`t I getting a little too old for that?
But,one good thing always happens,& out of that situation Dominick & I are practicing er numbers.


Tabmade said...

Oh that sounds awful, haha. I probably would have cried with her!

phylliso said...

Believe me,I was forcing myself to stay calm!phylliso