Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fancy Snail

Fancy Snail came to live with me this week from Robin`s took her spot at my sewing desk & loves to look out the window with me at the birds,rabbits,& various other critters.She says she loves it here already,& wants her mom to know this.Thank-you Robin so very much for this thoughtful gift,I am so lucky to have won this from you! May God bless you!


Baggaraggs: said...

I am so glad that she has made it to you safe and sound, and that you like her. She matches your Blog Decor like she belongs there. LOL. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Love and Hugs, Robin

phylliso said...

Thank-you again,someday I will be able to get those links to correctly link right to people....someday!! I try..I love your etsy shop!love,phylliso