Sunday, February 15, 2009

Renewal Services Prayers Answered

I was praying in a previous post about the adult children.Well,this week at church,we had a southern baptist preacher come to speak,his name is LaMont Monford, for several evennings of worship.God really spoke through him,he was amazing.His mother was a prositute & was on drugs & shortly after LaMont was saved at the age of 13,his mother was murdered on the streets of Ohio where he lived.He preached loudly,waving his hands around,really funny too,doubling us up with laughter a few times.
The adult children had no vehicle as one was damaged & the other demolished last week.No one was hurt.So my dh & I loaded them all up in 2 vehicles to fit everyone in & they went to these services with us.
It was as if he was speaking directly to us! How could he know?,my dh asked me as the kids went up to the altar.I just smiled & said because God told him what to say.
Everyone who had been praying for all of us cried & I gave a thumb`s up to Pastor Earl afterwards.
These are pictures I took as the kids renewed their wedding vows in the sanctuary Sat.morning.It just so happenned it was decorated for a wedding that was to take place later on that day.It was beautiful.It was if everything came together perfectly.
This is a definate praise for God.

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

That's wonderful Phyllis! Great news. I'm so very happy for you.