Friday, February 20, 2009

If I Have To Go.....

Doing the macaws wings & nails are always a trumatic experiance for me.I hate it.When my dh said,how about we try to do their beaks too...? I made an avian vet appt.& wisked them out of the house while he was still asleep this am.
Melissa says,well,alright,but if I have to go,I`m DRIVING.
Jerry sits on the back of my seat saying,I`ll just look out the back window because watching the road go backwards always makes me puke...maybe mom won`t take us again.
No one puked,but little Jerry Seinfield made the vet work for his money today.Melissa was an angel as always.There is a differance between the boys & the girls with them,she is always the better bird.


Debra said...

Awwww, so cute! How does his picture look on his driver's license?
Love the goat pics too. Have you seen your robin again?
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

No,I haven`t seen the robin!
Melissa says her photo on her license makes her look much younger! Ha,ha!phylliso

Kate said...

Love the pictures - they are such cool birds.

Aleta said...

I bet you get a lot of double takes when you're going down the road with them! They sure are beautiful birds!