Sunday, February 22, 2009


I`m putting on pics of 2 free images I downloaded from a Dover royality free book & vintage gatherings to see how it looks.I want a new look for the blog.I think I want to use my own picture that I`ve taken.I have messed with it a couple of hours today.I know the pictures I have taken will have to be resized,& tried without sucess today in doing it.What do you think of these? But the blog has been more about watching wildlife than my sewing,sooo...


Tabmade said...

Those are great pictures for a blog. I like the first one the best. :)
And thanks! Getting a layout right is very tedious. In high school I was trying to teach myself html/css coding so I could make my own sites, but lost interest after a while. It's a lot to delve into! There are a lot of places with tutorials that have helped me. is a great place to look.
And the puppies are great! :D

Aleta said...

I like the first picture the best, but perhaps you should consider some of your nature pics, like of birds or the sky, or maybe the goats. You take such good pictures. I had trouble getting my picture on my blog -- it took me a lot of trial & error to get the size right, but it finally worked out. Good luck!