Friday, March 6, 2009

Black Vultures 3-16-2006

Going through my photos of previous years,I found these photos.This was an awesome sight.I had so much fun watching these black vultures.They seemed like babies as they were playing in the yard kicking around a birdhouse gourd that had fallen from a tree.I sent these photos to Outdoor News & they published them calling them "soccer vultures".


FIONA said...

Amazing birds--they look huge.

phylliso said...

They ARE huge,the dogs tipped me off that day,at first I didn`t know what they were,phylliso

Debra said...

Phyllis-I just saw 'our' vultures. They are back now. And the funny thing is, on the way to church, I was saying to my family that it was time to start seeing them! On the way home, we saw one lazily circling away up high.
We love to watch them. I think they're very cute, but spooky too. And HUGE they are!!
Wonderful pictures, and so neat you got yours published!
Love, Debra

Debra said...

P.S. I love your dog, Fiona. She needs to meet my Lab, when she wears her pink Tutu. She'd be jealous of the crown, though!

FIONA said...

Debra, I would love to see pictures of that.

Please stop by my blog for more sheltie pix.