Friday, March 6, 2009

House of Spirits and Whispers by Annie Wilder

I`ve been doing alot of reading lately.I have completely missed Teaser Tuesdays for 2 weeks because I`ve been trying to get these books read I ordered from the library.
I didn`t order a House of Spirits and Whispers by Annie Wilder,but it was in the non-fiction section & took my eye.I attempted to upload a video from a news station that they did on her,but it was 5 min.long & I believe my DSL wasn`t going to be able to do the job of uploading it,so I am going to try to upload a short you tube video she did.She lives in Minnesota in the haunted house still.If you can do a search on her,you should be able to find the video I`m talking about,she takes you inside the house & you get to see how she has repainted & fixed it up.I really enjoyed this true story,had alot of fun reading it.
I couldn`t get the video you can google her if you want.

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