Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Greenhouse

I learned alot about keeping a greenhouse.I won`t be heating with the kerosene heater again.I couldn`t tolerate the fumes,& neither could my plants.I still have a few plants left,but my huge cactus died.It died a slow death,I could`ve saved it,but maybe the roots are still good.I just couldn`t see manuvering the huge thing to the house as it started turning brown.When I went to get the dried sweet annie for bunny`s carrot,it too turned brown & smelled of fumes.I had some of it saved in the house so I can still make carrot tops from it.
I invested in an infrared red heat lamp,but will probably need 2 lamps for the 8/16' greenhouse.At any rate,things are popping up that we planted.My marker got wet so all the little sticks have run with the marker & we have only a small idea of what is what!!! I even kept a notebook as to what seed we have planted so I can grade on how the seeds did that I bought.Oh,well,that is the way with most things I is the cabbage & marigolds,I believe,plus sugar baby watermelons & birdhouse gourds.I know the gourds do not transplant well,but hopefully I can place whole peat pot in the ground when it is time.
I worked in the bee balm section yesterday,it was so beautiful here in Pa.I cut off the stalks,threw more soil out & scattered the seeds.
Enclosing pics of yesterday,the crocus`s are blooming.The purple ones my sweet 3 year old neighbor girl,Ellie May {who moved away years ago}planted with me.I hope someday she will come to visit me when they are in bloom.

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