Thursday, March 19, 2009


Our grand daughter,Savannah was born with a clubbed foot,a foot turned inward.She under went surgery to cut the tendon when she was a baby,but the kids didn`t wear the brace on her that they were supposed to at night.Now her knee is locking up & the doctors are casting her foot & leg every 2 weeks to try to get her foot to turn back normally & her knee to work more.
She is a marvel to watch.Yesterday she placed her sippy cup in the drive & it fell over.We have a dirt & stone drive.She picked it up & walked over to where it was level & sit it down,saying, there! I marveled that she could understand the problem & how to remedy it at only age 2.
Her brother Dominick,& she played a game I made up yesterday of throwing the ball in the barrel.They each had a ball & had to see if they could get it in.I really must get some outdoor toys for them,but they managed to have fun.They grow up so quickly & I savor the time we have together.

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Aleta said...

What a cute picture with both of them in the bucket! It looks like they were having a great time!