Thursday, March 19, 2009

Robin with the wierd feather,goats

This robin gives me much pleasure.He comes every year,I believe it has been 3 years now.The feather he has that sticks out is why I notice him.I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see that he made it back here .He allows me to get so close to him.The goats watch him as he searched for worms in their pen yesterday.
Jimi & Hendrix-the white goats-fleece does not seem as nice this year.They are 3 years old now.
It took me almost 2 hours to blog these posts this am.I must get to work now...

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Debra said...

Phyllis, I do love seeing your place! I love your robin.
I looked at the greenhouse pics-I can't tolerate kerosene fumes either. But your plants look good! I'm not starting anything. I don't have any room in our house, and don't have a greenhouse-maybe some day. Sorry about Mr. Cactus...
Your grandchildren are very cute!
Love, Debra