Monday, May 18, 2009

Box Turtle

Mr.Turtle made an appearance strolling out of the woods on the 15th,I helped him across the dirt lane as I didn`t want him run over.He appeared again on the 16th,in the yard.
We have been busy plowing up new areas of the yard for putting in 2 more veg.gardens.We tore down a fence from my mom`s house that dad put up 40 years or more ago.Was that ever a job!As I helped Rich pull the fence around,I noticed these "faces in the cut wood on the pile.Can you see them?My dh thinks he can after much squinting.
Leaving you with pics of our flowers in bloom.The rhododendron bushes have something wrong with them.I saw white spots on the leaves last fall & I meant to wash off the spots with soap,but life went on & I didn`t,now the leaves are brown & are falling off.I don`t think I will lose them though.It could be a fungal disease that they have too with all the rain we have been having.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Debra said...

Phyllis, the forest picture looks like heaven! I like your turtle friend too. No wonder he is a visitor-he remembers you! Your iris are ahead of ours. It will be nice to smell them again-they smell like grape koolaide, kinda!

phylliso said...

Hi Thankful Paul & Debra!
Good luck on your journey Paul,Debra,I feel blessed to live here in the forest with all the birds singing & rejoicing ,I feel I`m in a little place in heaven. phylliso