Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goats Done!

We got all 4 goats done yesterday.I had bought the stand from Premier Goat Supply & it was wonderful.I didn`t get the side rails & the goats didn`t fall off the side but a couple of times since there is the 2 of us.Dh did nic them a couple of times.Blackie is so wrinkly that it is hard not to nic him.We just use super glue at the advice of our friend,Jen,vet tech,& hold the folds together which has worked nicely in the past.The vet will come & give them their shots this week.


Aleta said...

I'm glad the stand worked out for you - made it much easier. I know you're glad that job is done, and probably the goats are too!
Take care -

phylliso said...

I always stress out over the shearing,but it did go easier & I`m glad we were able to do them all in one day.phylliso