Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Brown Thrasher

The brown thrashers arrived on April 19th & set up nest making right away.Here is one baby already,I believe that is all they have,the same as last year.Last year they wouldn`t let me get a clear pic of their baby,but this year they were more trusting.That is amazing to me as there was a ruckous yesterday going on here,a hawk was out & about all day.In the evenning the hawk landed out back where I knew the baby robins nest is.Well,no sooner than he landed,a flock mixed with bluejays,robins,catbirds,even titmice actually bombarded him so he had to take off,they litterly drove him out of our woods.It was something to watch.Later I went behind the house to check on the baby robins,but they have left the nest,safely I hope.

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Niki :-) said...

thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for my 13 y.o. son. :) niki