Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It is amazing to me what some animals will do to protect their young.Some churchs believe animals don`t go to heaven,but I believe otherwise,I believe that they are destined for heaven as soon as they are born.
Anyhow,I was out walking in the yard & spotted this hole,dug at an angle where there is a dip in the ground & some high remaining cut grass laid.It was mounded just a little & some moss around the entrance.I took a picture & waited & watched.A mother rabbit had made it to hide her baby,I soon found out.The baby would run when it saw us & lay completely flat by the hole.I wouldn`t have seen the rabbit if I wasn`t there.I tightened up on the dogs leashes,but they never saw it.The neighbor saw a hawk actually pick up a baby rabbit & take off with it.I only see 1 baby now.
Two days ago the baby thrasher was in the garage & wouldn`t come out.It had been 24 hours & my dh was concerned for the bird so we managed to get it out without hurting him.I firmly believe his mama made him go in there to protect him.He is out & about with mama & all seems well.

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Baggaraggs: said...


animals are amazing aren't they? Hard to believe that they have so much wisdom and care so much for their young. I agree with you about animals going to heaven. i have several waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. Hugs, Robin