Thursday, June 4, 2009

Got Roses?

I wish that there was an icon button that you could click & be transported to my yard to take a whiff.We have 2 magnolia trees that are blooming.They are the southern kind that people told us we couldn`t grow,but they have grown well & smell heavenly.I bought them from the arbor day people & I plan to order more trees from them in the future.Some of our roses have a scent,especially the wild white ones,but I have different sorts of roses including the unscented but non stop color of the knockout rose.The ground cover roses seen parading across the fence I have wound up through a butterfly bush,so it is holding them up from the ground.When the bush begins to bloom,the red of the roses will be intwined with the lavender blooms of the butterfly bush.


Debra said...

Beautiful roses, Phyllis! Some of ours are out and smelling heavenly too. I guess I am the kind of rose person though, that won't have a rose unless it also has a very big smell. I guess that means I'm a rose snob!
Is that bird a brown thrasher?
Don't you love our beautiful sunshine??
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

We are getting rain here,& it is cool.By the weekend we shall have sunshine.
Yes,that`s a brown thrasher,probably my fav bird.Their baby made an appearance today,I shall post later.I am trying to get a pic of the mom or dad actually feeding him,but my camera`s battery died.phylliso