Friday, June 12, 2009

The Mannings 41st Annual Spinning Seminar

Tomorrow I`m hoping to get to the Mannings open house in East Berlin,Pa.They will have all sorts of animals there & anything to do with fiber will be going on the whole day,from shearing to dyeing,felting,spinning...I need to get more bobbins so I NEED to go, I told the dh.Pictures from last year I may not have posted...
My bestfriend has recently expressed concern about posting other people`s photos that she took of them on her blog.I don`t know whether to worry or not,I tend not to worry as they chose to do things in a public place & I don`t hide my camera,secretly trying to catch someone`s picture,I`m hoping people are just glad to be photographed,if not,they should say so.What do you think?


Tabmade said...

Thanks Phyllis! The more broke you are, the more crafty you have to become, haha.

That festival sounds so fun! I would have a field day at something like that, feeling everyone's yarn, etc. :D Maybe next year I'll have to take a road trip to check it out.

phylliso said...

My dh is not looking forward to it,but I could spend the whole day there,it is next to a bubbling creek with lots of outdoors to roam around the animals & tables.phylliso