Saturday, June 13, 2009

I`m In Love

Just a few pics right now of the spinning get together.I thought I picked up the flyer that went with these animals,but I picked up Pa.Alpaco Owners & Breeders Association pamplet instead.{Is this a sign,Lord?}These animals are bred right in East Berlin.
Just check out these faces,so cute .A boy was in the pen with them & he was very talkative & told me alot of things about them.
They only shear once a year,sometimes they make them look like lions & such.There are 2 kinds of alpacas,huacaya & suri.They only breed the suri,their fleece is better,I guess.He didn`t really know.But they are very expensive,they can cost up to $15,000 & even higher.Maybe I`ll get a couple instead of a new car,hah,hah.


Tabmade said...

That was my head exploding from the cuteness, haha. I love the haircut on the brown one! :D He kinda looks like a Beatle.

phylliso said...

The brown one was my fav,he was incrediably soft,& those huge eyes with the smile he had....phylliso

Aleta said...

I finally got around to looking at your posts on the festival. Such great pics! The shearing is amazing.

Oh, those alpacas are adorable! Just look at those eyes! Oh my. I want one!!