Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday`s Seminar

I have a few moments before church to post more on the spinning seminar.We always learn more each time we go.My dh gets to talk to the shearer & we learned of another mill to check out in Pa.a Gurney Run in Halifax,Pa.I`m sure that`s not spelled right....Anyhow,he told my dh that the sheep wear coats over their fleece to keep it nice,He said angora goats will not keep them on,if one does,then his buddy makes sure he`s not wearing it.So,guess that`s out.I will just try to keep them brushed out,after all,we only have 4.The way it has been rainning here,I`m surprised they are as clean as they are right now.
The woman from Pinxterbloom Farm was there,but without any angora goats.She was very helpful,also telling us about the mill in Pa.& she had a shawl & a sweater knitted with pure mohair from her own goats.I didn`t get a pic,too many people oooing & ahhing over them.She said she does mix their fleece alot with sheep wool to make it more stable,but I was glad to know that I didn`t really HAVE to buy any sheep wool.I will though,down the road when I get organized with my fleece.
The people were there with the natural dyes,mostly mushrooms,such lovely colors.I was interested in the drum carders,so I watched people using them for awhile.The guy sheared a sheep,they had food,& someone was also spinning flax.That was totally awesome.I think that is what my first wheel is,a flax wheel,it looks just like the one she was using.
This wheel at first I thought had glass bottles around it.It turned out to just be painted that way.
As you can see,it was a beautiful area to be outside & spin or weave,close to a creek,very pleasent day.


Julie said...

Phyllis, thank you for the pictures. It looked like you had a fun day!!! Spinning my own yarn was once a dream of mine. Now i just enjoy the fruits of someone elses labor. LOL!!!

phylliso said...

This is something I always wanted to do too.Now I find I like spinning better than actually knitting or crocheting!phylliso