Saturday, July 18, 2009

Savannah Rose

Savannah was with me alot this week.She loves to play with the dogs.She is 2 1/2 now.Suddenly she doesn`t like me to take her picture.Do they go through that stage? So I played hard to catch these of her.I begged she would let me take one of her pool & slide,so she did pose for that one.She is pretty smart.If you google "the lady bug picnic",there is a cute song about 12 ladybugs on you tube,& she has learned to count to 12 because of that song.It`s a catchy little song that tends to annoyingly remain stuck in your head awhile after you hear it.
The fenced-in mulched area where she plays is also there for the dogs. One Sun.when she & her 7 year old brother ,Dominick,was playing in their bare feet in the mulch,he told her to step in that dog poop.She thought it was just mulch,so she stepped in it & started crying,dog poop stuck between her toes.Dominick laughed & laughed till I made him come inside & clean her feet off,then wash them.But every time she plays down there now,we have to check for dog poop,she doesn`t believe all that could be mulch.

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Baggaraggs: said...

You know my dog smiles at me just like your dog is smiling at you when you took this photo. What a beautiful Grandchild and dog as well. Sorry about the happens though! Hugs robin
Ps I do think at some point we camped at Caldonia state park