Saturday, July 18, 2009


The hummingbirds were so much fun to watch today.I tried to get pics,but maybe I can get better ones later on when they trust me more.Right now they are happily flying around together,flying to my face to peer at me ,then fly to the line to watch me from afar.I have personal relationships with birds,I know that sounds wacky.I had a female hummingbird who came every year & she would follow me into the house even.One year I didn`t know what happenned to her,& when I mentioned not seeing her to my neighbor,he admitted he killed her.He was 80 probably then,he is still living,but he said he was sitting outside reading the paper & something buzzed around his head & he took his flyswatter beside him & smacked it without looking & it was her.She was always curious & would fly right up to your face.I was devestated over it.This year is the first year we`ve had friendly,curious hummingbirds since those 5 years ago.Last year we had a pair with babies & I think maybe they are back again.I`m hoping we soon have a colony of them coming.I have tons of plants that they like.
One year I broke my leg really bad.I will blog about that ordeal sometime.But I couldn`t get out into the flower beds like I wanted too,& watched helplessly as thistles took over.But one day I was looking out at them in July,& I saw a male goldfinch taking the soft tops of them after they bloomed .He was using them for nesting material.So now I always let some thistles grow for them.I saw one gathering only the other day.
I haven`t seen much of my robin with the wierd feather this year.He doesn`t follow me as he did.I believe he has had 2 clutches of babies so far this summer.Is that what they are called,clutches?


Tabmade said...

That makes me so sad to hear about that poor humming bird! :(
I visited with a good friend of mine at her mothers last year. She had a humming bird feeder on her porch and as I sat watching them they started swarming around me. There was at least 10 of them! I got a few pics from it but I had to be careful, they were easily startled. But if I just sat really still, they would come up to my face not 5 inches away and inspect me. It was so surreal and awesome. It felt like being in a Disney movie, haha.

phylliso said...

Sometimes I wonder if they can smell perfume you have on,even though they seem naturally curious,phylliso