Friday, August 28, 2009

Asiatic Dayflower

I was elated to find a new plant to me on a walk with the dogs.This tiny flower stood out because of it`s pretty blue color.When I went back to take a pic of it,the flower had closed up.So I got my trusty Peterson`s Guide to plants out & by using that clue found that it is called asiatic dayflower,commelina communis L.,of the spiderwort family.It is a perennial,but this is the first year I`ve seen it coming up here in the forest.When the ground gets disturbed the least little bit here,we find unexpected treasures.According to the field guide,it is a troublesome weed.But I find it beautiful.
In China this weed`s leaf is made into tea & gargled for sore throats.It is also used for tonsillitis,detoxifying,& urinary tract infections.


Baggaraggs: said...

I have that growing here too and find it lovely, like you do. I have taken snips and bits of different things for my garden lania and have weeds growing all over the place I guess.LOL We are two of the same kind Phyllis.

phylliso said...

Yes,I agree Robin,phylliso