Friday, August 28, 2009

More Mushrooms,Not so many tomatoes & no beans at all because of The Rabbit

I had to freeze some of those mushrooms as the dh came home with more & more.They are not as good dehydrated,frozen they still taste pretty good in sauce or butter bread.
We had no green beans again this year because of the bunnies,so next year we will have to do something different to keep them out.The mommy bunny came so close I could almost pet her.
The tomatoes we are getting are flavorful,I especially liked the Black Russian tomato.Next year I have some different heirloom tomatoes to try.

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Tammy said...

Hi Phyllis,
We have lots of chantrelles around here too, but I'm just not SURE they are the real ones of false ones, so haven't had the nerve to eat them. I'm glad you mentioned the Black Russian tomato. I got a plant at a Fiber show, and it was labeled Russian Black (or Dark..I couldn't remember). Obviously it is the same as what yours are, so now I know the correct name. It is similar in appreance to the Cherokee Purples I have, but I'm not sure about taste, as the few the plant produced had end rot. I saved seed so maybe next year.