Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Bandit thinks he`s going to get hit in the head as we watched the hummingbirds antics,they are really active,chasing each other all about.
The titmouse grabs a bite of suet as we watch.


Tammy said...

Hi Phyllis,
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. If you are ready for another collie, some suggestions might be contacting any show breeders w/in driving distance (you should be able to get addresses from the Collie Club of America). If you are open to an older dog then sometimes they have collies that need placing that didn't work out in the show or breeding world, or were returned by buyers. Another idea might be to contact area shelters and let them know that you would like to be contacted if any collies (specify purebred) come into their shelters. Just some thoughts. I've known Ashley's breeder for over twenty years and both Jody and Ariel were from her. I've been amazingly blessed as she didn't want any payment for Ashley because she knows that I will give her a good and permanent home. I really wasn't expecting that and am feeling very honored. Good luck finding your next friend..and you are welcome to enjoy Ashley with me via pictures!

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey Phyllis.
Some woman with caterpillar lips will be appearring in your post box I think tomorrow. :) Love, Robin

phylliso said...

Thank-you Tammy for the shove I needed,I can see from all your animals that you provide a caring & loving home for them,I look forward to enjoying Ashley & Boones adventures!I let a really long comment on your blog,sorry!
Robin,I shall be watching for her arrival,thank-you!phylliso