Saturday, August 1, 2009

Titmouse,Sunshine Through the Trees

I watched the titmouse birds plucking threads from my new chair cushions today & they were trying to get threads from the umbrella & batting from the vinyl tablecloth.They just had babies leave the nest,could they be going to nest again?
The skies have been so beautiful this summer.I took these pictures of the sunlight coming through the leaves of the trees.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

They sure are cute!


Sheila :-)

phylliso said...

I always wondered what was poking tiny holes in the outside umbrellas & things,I found out it was them several years ago.phylliso

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey Phyllis! You WON the Doll. Can you please email me your snail mail so I can get it in the mail to you? I know I have your address here some place but I honestly can find it.
Anyway...i don't think anyone should ever bother to enter any of my Drawings....You are always the person I draw! LOL. my email is Thanks and Congrats again. Robin

phylliso said...

Yipee!! I only ever win from you,Robin.Thank-you,I will treasure her always,love,phylliso

Aleta said...

We had a chickadee do that to a chair on our front porch a few months back. I didn't think the titmouse would be nesting again this late, but evidently it is. Great pics!

Aleta said...

Also, congrats for winning the doll from Robin!