Monday, September 21, 2009

Jen with more rescue shelties

My friend,Jennifer,& her family drove to North Carolina to help with bringing back to Pa.more shelties to place.The woman whose dogs she has now has been ill & there is foreclosure coming on her home,so she was unable to keep them.She was a breeder of shelties,& 1 of the dogs is my Maggie`s grandmother,hard to believe she is 13 & still running around like a pup.She is a sable merle,a beautiful dog,& was disqualified for having a blue eye.Jen will keep her,Jen has Maggie`s daddy too,a tri color sheltie.He is 10 now & she owns him..
One dog,Rhythm,was to go to his first home with a breeder who sold him to the woman Jen resued from.The breeder doesn`t breed anymore & has no dogs & would dearly love to have one of her dogs back home with her,he is too old to breed now & just needs a forever home.I thought I could help when Jen,having surgery 2 weeks ago ,could not drive Rhythm to Mo.I knew of a dog transport system in place here locally,but I messed up by asking that this dog go back to the breeder who first had him.Why didn`t I just say he has a home in Mo.,just needs to get there?I don`t know & feel bad now as the transport girls said it is their policy not to place dogs with breeders.There ARE responsible breeders out there who breed to the standards & love their dogs,they are not all puppy mills everywhere.So,I screwed up there,but he will find a way there.
Here are some pics I took.This one sable girl is 9 years old & has elbow dysplasia.Cookie will likely just stay with Jen.She has such a sweet face,very pretty dog.
Willow is a 6 year old blue merle who I could`ve brought home with me,she is tiny & scared of everyone,what am I saying,I could`ve brought them all home with me!!
She wants to place a blue merle boy with blue eyes from another rescue too,who may already have a home.
Rhythm has been marking territory,so Jen placed a scarf around his weenie.

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