Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hummingbirds are gone

The hummingbirds left yesterday.They were in a playful mood before they left,playing hide & seek with me,I could only get almost dark pictures of them.They either flew too close,peering at my face,or flew way up into the pines & back,then hide & seek in the bushes.I miss them already.
This isn`t a very good picture of a flicker,but it`s the best I was able to get.He likes this one spot in the yard,drills way in for something,I`ve went to see what he`s getting from the ground,but can`t tell.
The grosbeaks are here,but I wasn`t able to get a pic,Bandit runs to the window when I grab my camera & barks.I will have to act nonchalant & slither to the sliding glass door to get a picture next time.
I have been washing fleeces.Soon we will be shearing again.These fleeces I never got to,so I have to get busy...I`m getting a drum carder!!!I`m so excited.I never got a birthday gift,I just kept telling my dh to wait.I was going to get a fountain from walmart for the outside birds but it never went on rollback at walmart,so after much wondering about drum carders,I finally decided to get it.It is rather expensive,& I kept telling myself I could do all the fleeces myself & hand card,but it hasn`t happenned,so I`m getting way behind in my work.
This is a willy-nilly post,but I`m adding these mushroom pics,I saw them in the woods & I`m thinking of getting them in a pot to make a dye for the fleece from them.Mushrooms make beautiful colors.

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