Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Spinning

I talked with Carol at The Mannings over the weekend.She said I was supposed to get a book or folder of info with my Ashford,so Ethel called yesterday & said the info is on the way from the company.
In the meantime I spent more time on here -the computer-looking at the wheel & ratios & found some good stuff,so I`m happily pedaling along now.This is Ringo`s fleece,he is a badger color, but has alot of silver mixed in,so I added about 5% sheep wool that Becky gave me last year to his mohair & spun this,it is so lovely.I tried to place the photo on facebook,but couldn`t find where I upload at.

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Baggaraggs: said...

Phyllis, this is so cool. I love how you have persisted in solving this problem. Kudos to you for figuring it all out. What will you do with the yarn(?) that you make or the spun fibers. Please forgive my ignorance. Hugs, Robin