Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have been sky watching this year,the skies seem so beautiful this whole year.This is the year you should tell people you haven`t told for a very long time how much you love them & think & pray for them every minute of your life here.


Tabmade said...

That is so sweet of you to write on my blog! I was actually thinking of updating tonight, just being lazy. I'm a-ok though. Personal life is all tangled and stuff, but other than that, things are going a progressive direction.
I guess I should get to updating!

phylliso said...

I miss seeing your creative stuff,you are an inspiration to me,phylliso

Debra said...

Hi Phyllis!
I finally have my new computer! So I'm staarting my blog rounds...thanks for the b-day wishes!!
Love, Debra

Frank Quick said...

Pretty. I fond myself wishing I had my camera with me so I could share some of the skies i observed this year. In fact, what type of camera do you use?... I don't think mine would do as well even if I had had it with me.

Tammy said...

Pretty pictures. I agree---the skies have been awesome this year. I like your sentiment too. It's a good reminder.