Sunday, November 8, 2009

Turkey Vultures Roost

I get up this am all grumpy because the dogs had me up last night to go out,& again in the am.I thought they would let me sleep in a little,but noooo.
But when I came inside & looked out to the woods,I spotted the vultures.They were here yesterday & must have roosted here all night.They are such huge birds.I love am surprises like this.I grabbed my camera & in my pink robe walked down to snap a few pics.They wouldn`t let me get too close.They were intently watching towards where a guy has been living in a trailor for awhile,I would say since spring as that is when my last photos of deer are.He shoots maybe 1 shot with a high powered rifle every once in awhile,so my dh went down to have a chat with him this summer.He claims to be shooting into a stump.I am afraid to walk in the woods now.But anyhow,my mind this am is putting 2 & 2 together ,& I wonder if he is poaching deer to eat & letting the waste out for the vultures.I can`t get down there as it is full of brambles.
The boys are watching the vultures too.

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