Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Flock of Vultures

I watched a flock of vultures here at the house yesterday,they were swooping around for quite a while.My neighbor who is 84 used to watch the birds with me over a cup of coffee in the am after his wife died,we spent many a morning watching for birds,foxes,deer,whatever else happenned by.I recall him watching vultures with me ,& it brings a smile to my face because he`d yell up at them." I`m not dead yet!"He watches from his chair most of the time now,but keeps his feeder always full.


Debra said...

I'm laughing over your neighbor yelling at the vultures!
Those are great pictures. I love these birds. We live fairly close to a small town that ALWAYS has these guys circling over it. Now they are landing on a tall building in that town to sun themselves, and wait for the next air show. Of course they migrate, so we'll miss them soon. My geese used to be so scared when they'd fly over. But if I was out with them, I'd keep talking to them and assuring them that those birds were not looking at them, they were looking for something dead. Now they just cock their heads to watch them fly.

phylliso said...

You & I could be sisters,Debra,I speak to my animals too,they always seem to understand.phylliso