Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Scenes & Raw Milk

Our friends,the Wadels,are permitted to sell raw milk now,we get our hay from them,now we`ll be getting more things as they will be selling honey,cheese,eggs,& perhaps my homemade soap.It`s hard to be chosen for selling raw organic milk & we`re so pleased our prayers for them have been answered.The farmers are having such a hard time here,making no profit for some time now.
Here are some scenes on the way home from their farm.


Andora said...

It really looks like rain...the fall colors are gorgeous...many years ago my mom and dad sold raw milk and butter,people would come for miles just to buy it..

phylliso said...

I pray that their store will take off & grow for them.It`s good to hear of others sucess with it.My parents both grew up on farms.phylliso