Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More snow pics

I thank the dear Lord for our friend,Doug.My dh never did get awake till the afternoon,then our friend ,Doug,showed up & plowed us & both our neighbors out.I would say we got 18"here.My friend,Aleta,who lives in Tenn now had a power outage for some time there as trees fell from the from the ground not being frozen,then with the snow,they uprooted.
My Maggie walked with me while I took the pics.I wonder if she will be with me next year,her kidney numbers continue to worsen from the lyme disease & she is on a script now to help push more blood flow to the kidneys.She is also on Hill`s prescription diet dog food,which all of the dogs are eating.


FIONA said...

Sweet Maggie. She looks like she is enjoying the snow.

Please give my love to Aleta. She hasn't blogged in quite a while. I miss her.

phylliso said...

I will tell her.She hasn`t blogged for quite awhile.I think she was getting paranoid about posting pics of people & things,phylliso

FIONA said...

I understand that. I don't post pix of myself or family--except the furry ones. The internet makes the world uncomfortably small sometimes.