Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday I washed 2 of the bags of fleece.I use the kitchen sink & place small amts. of wool in at a time,rinsing about 4 times before letting it sit in hot water with Dawn dishwash soap in.It`s important to keep the temp of the water hot so as not to felt the wool.I then rinsed in hot water with vinegar.
We live in what used to be a summer cabin ,& have about 6 acres.The windows we replaced,but I kept the old fashioned screens that are handy in drying the wool by the wood/coal stove.I brushed some out today,what I don`t want to spin I put in a seperate,smaller bag & will keep it to stuff my dolls with.
I started this light gray shawl with my handspun angora mixed with sheep`s wool last week.The pattern is forgiving & will look better as I go.
The shawl below is for the prayer shawl ministry at our church.We just started a group of us last week,we are to meet tonight.I don`t know if I`ll be able to attend as I am having alot of pain today,but maybe if I go it will take my mind off my pain.Last week our praise worship group practiced & we were able to listen to rockin` christain music that they play at the service I attend now.We have several services at our church,I would always attend the tradional,but heard the music that they play for the encounter service,so that`s what I attend to now.


FIONA said...

So soft and beautiful, I want to touch the wool.

phylliso said...

The wool is so fluffy,like a cloud.The cranberry varigated I bought at JoAnn`s.I used a coupon as it was rather expensive.It is the worst yarn I worked with in a long time,it comes out of the ball in tangled,messed up clumps.A woman at the prayer shawl meeting untangled alot of it for me last night as I crocheted.phylliso