Monday, January 18, 2010

Some of my salt and pepper collection

Over the weekend friends of ours stopped by & Doris said she wanted to take a closer look at the plates I have hanging on the walls.She said she had a dream about them,& knew she saw plates somewhere,& now she knew where.That led to the salt & pepper collection I have & was I ever embarrassed over how dirty they are,so today I began taking them down from their perches on top the kitchen cupboards to dust them off & wash the ones that can be washed.Some of them the paint will come off if you attempt to clean them.I have them in china cupboards too,I will do them another day this week,to tell you the truth,I don`t think I spring cleaned last year!! Heating with a wood & coal stove,you really must clean walls & so forth.I`m afraid Doris saw many a dust bunny and cobwebs in the kitchen Sat.
The red bird sits on top of the eggs beside it,some salt and pepper shakers come apart & become sugar & cream dishes.

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