Thursday, January 28, 2010

A week or more gone by

The spring cleaning halted for a bit after I fell on the ice last week.It is truly a miracle I didn`t break anything.I hit all over when I was bee bopping down the ramp with no rails into the dog play area.There was no ice on the upper 2 ramps-with rails-so I never thought there would be any ice on the bottom,but I had these comfy clogs on & when I went bee-bopping down with a bucket of freshly washed fleece to put in the greenhouse to dry,my feet flew out, I hit the back of my head & rolled off onto my right hip & side.I am still so sore,a painful reminder I am not as young as I used to be.
But on the up side,the robins are back.The birds are singing,drumming,& activity is going on once more outside.I believe the silence of winter is what I hate most.I love being surrounded by singing of the various birds here.We had 2 visitors also last week,2 black faced vultures flew in at dark & watched us fill the goats water bowl,cocked their heads around as we moved through the yard.It was too late,I did try to get photos,but it was pretty dark when we were done outside.They were flying off the next day as I walked the dogs out in the am.
I also had my first sleepover with Savannah,well,she slept here with me.She wasn`t scared & didn`t want to go home at all,she is 3 now.I am so blessed to have her.
I got alot of spinning done & worked more on the prayer shawls.
Leaving you with photos of last week.Savannah & I made brownies,& I believe the spoon licked her ....

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