Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Record Breaking Blizzard

We are in the middle of a record breaking blizzard.Interstates are being closed by the snowplows blocking the entrance ramps with mounds of snow.I`m so thankful I don`t have to work anymore.People don`t realize state instutions & hospitals never close,someone has to be there to care for the patients/residents.That sometimes means staying double shifts & just being ,frankly,stuck there.
The view from our home.The deer did come in for corn,but I`m missing 2 deer.Only 4 came in.You can see the marks on their backs on their fur where they were fighting over food
On a sad note,on our local news today an 11 year old girl was killed when she went out to play in the snow.Her parents looked out the window,not thinking anything could happen to her,but what she did was dig a hole straight down,fell in it upside down.When her parents went out,they could only see her legs straight up,she was face first in the hole.Apparently she couldn`t get her little body out & she smothered to death.They tried to revieve her,but to no avail.


Tammy said...

Love the picture of the deer in the snow! What well fed little creatures they look to be.:-) Hopefully the missing one will show up. Can't believe all the snow you have there. Goodness. Hope you and yours stay safe. Terrible about the little girl. It's impossible to think about all the dreadful things that can happen--nothing but putting them in a padded room could keep children safe all the time (or pets either). So sad.


phylliso said...

The lost deer are accounted for.The neighbor came home,so it is disrupting their morning & evenning mealtime.They have still been coming tho,was going to buy some apples for them,but couldn`t afford $1 an apple,6 apples in a bag was about $6 at walmart.
It`s hard to imagine what the parents of the little girl are going through,I`m praying for them their community & church has been helping them get thru what has happenned,phylliso