Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Deer

So,Sun,evenning I took some flakes of hay down & there was only a little corn left & placed it out.The dh went out & got more corn for Mon.but I thought they may like some alfalfa.Our son worked at a deer farm & they put out hay as well as corn.These deer were frightened by the big green blob.They came in to eat the corn,but it was amusing to watch them stretch their necks way out to the hay,then back up afraid.
Mon.morn I took down a big bucket of corn & put a bunch in the hay.They were not afraid of it last night & even sampled some.I got some pics of the little one yesterday morn as I snuck out on the deck to try to get closer to them.But as I stood in the drive & held up my camera,they all ran off.Apparently they have been shot at.Our bliss of having the deer all to ourselves ended yesterday afternoon when the neighbor came home.He had to get a backhoe in to get to his house.I`m sure he wished he`d have stayed in Florida as we are in for about 20 inches more today & tomorrow.I guess the all black wooly worm was right this summer about the harsh winter.
In the meantime,we have been amusing ourselves by this arch of snow on our rail of the deck.This deck leads into the lower yard where I fell,so we haven`t cleaned it off,we will soon have to as I need to get to the birdfeeder.But there is nothing holding up this snow,it just slowly bent over the rail & stayed.It`s been mesmerizing watching it slowly slope over but not breaking.Hah,doesn`t take much to amuse us these days.


Debra said...

I love your deer stories. Love the photos too. We are bracing for the snow now....Yuk. I want spring.~Debra

phylliso said...

That`s Debra,38 more days till spring.We had a pair of carolina wrens at the feeder yesterday,they made me think of you,love,phyllis

phylliso said...

I meant to type,thanks,Debra!phylliso