Sunday, February 7, 2010

On a roll with the deer

I went down this am to check the goats & give them hay,I was still in my nightgown,put a pair of long underware on, socks,my dh`s knee high rubber boots,hat,coat,gloves.I thought,while I`m down here,I`ll run a pan of corn over to where I feed the deer.On the way back up to the house,I fell,face first in the snow.I thought right away how glad I am that I`m not hurt,& glad we have no close neighbors to see it.
I came in,got a shower,got out & peeked out the kitchen window & there was deer everywhere.So I know that they were waiting somewhere in the forest & saw me,or heard me.The tracks they are making go up to the goats pen,they must be curious about them,& to our garden.They are traveling differently than they used to,I noticed by their tracks.
But these were mean,mean,deer,pawing & kicking each other,chasing the little ones away.I put the corn in a line instead of a big pile to let them all get some,but they still fought over it.i`ll probably feed them again today when I give the goats grain.Yesterday I saw them eating various branches & weeds in the woods too.


FIONA said...

Glad you're OK from the fall.

Your deer are beautiful. It sounds like they're very hungry! Must be all of the snow.

Thanks for posting the beautiful pix.

phylliso said...

Thanks for commenting,phylliso

Julie said...

I am glad your ok too!!! I must tell you I too run around the farm in the morning in my long john feeding critter's!!! LOL!!!

phylliso said...

I always think about how silly I must look,phylliso

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how absolutely GORGEOUS those deer are! Sounds to me like they are very hungry, and it's like survival of the fittest. I'm glad you feed them. Maybe it will improve their dispositions. Just be careful when you do feed them... don't want them hurting you.

I'm so sorry you fell, and like Fiona, I'm glad you're okay.


Sheila :-)

Andora said...

That is live in a wonderful place to get to see all those deer...take care..