Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Taking a stroll

Today in Pa.we have snow again,more on the way in a couple of days.Yesterday though I took advantage of the weather -even tho I was froze by the time I was done-to walk through the woods again.I have been avoiding the woods because of "the shooter",but we haven`t heard him blast for awhile.The deer have been coming in right at dark now for the corn I put out.I was able to see them last night,a family of 3 came in.I used to be able to take a pan of corn down along our drive & they would hear the corn being put out & would come right away,not anymore.I`m glad for them that they now wait to eat the corn,but I haven`t been able to photograph them for awhile since they come in the dark of the night.
I am still trying to picture where I could put the goats,panel them off around some of the dead pines that have uprooted,but I just don`t think now it`s possible.The living trees are huge,I wouldn`t want the goats to damage them or the new growth taking place,plus there`s always the possiblity of one of them picking up the menigital worm goats can get from eating a slug that has feasted on deer poop.I don`t know what to do,they would need pasture too,I am placing them in a new pasture this year one way or another I`m going to need another fenced in area as it takes too much time sitting & watching them when they are tied.You have to be there with them when they are tied or they get themselves in awful predicaments.
Walking with the only sheltie I can trust not to run off,Maggie.

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