Friday, May 14, 2010

Brown Thrashers

Last year we had a pair of the thrashers,there was much beautiful singing all spring.They had a baby.As soon as they felt it was time for their offspring to be on its own,they chased him around & around.They did not want pestered anymore.He lived in our garage for a day till dh said it was time for him to go or he`ll die.So,we got him out.He seemed to do ok.
Now this year I have seen 2 but not together.Not as much singing either.I`ve seen this one alot at the feeder.


Baggaraggs: said...

Maybe I should take the Brown Thrasher approach to trying to help my daghter get her own place. JUst Kidding.:0) That was a horrid thing to say. Hugs, and healing thoughts to you friend. Robin

phylliso said...

I`ve been there too,Robin,had the whole family living with us for awhile,phylliso

Debra said...

I love these birds. We had them a few years ago, but I so want them around again.

phylliso said...

I know the brown thrashers love the sound of running water.Maybe you could make yourself a fountain,all you need is a pump,a small one doesn`t cost much,then be creative,I have an old leaky sink in my barrel made into a fountain.phylliso